I designed a conversational guide in the form of a children’s book. The core messages relayed in this children’s book span identity, vulnerability, self-love, and more. Guardians can educate themselves on gender issues and media messaging on the website as well as self-reflect on their gender expectations through prompts designed as a precursor to reading the book with their children.
Children are often exposed to narrow and harmful gender stereotypes through media and societal expectations, which can lead to issues with self-esteem, mental health, and violence as they grow older. Parents and caregivers may struggle to navigate these conversations with their children, unsure of how to promote healthy gender expression and combat negative messages.

"You Are The Perfect You" is a children's book designed to facilitate age-appropriate discussions between parents and children about gender identity, gender expression, and related topics. The book encourages empathy, self-love, and acceptance of diversity by presenting a variety of positive role models and messages. It provides a tool for parents to engage in meaningful conversations with their children, fostering a safe and supportive environment for exploring these complex topics.
Age-Appropriate Content:
The book is tailored to children's developmental stages, ensuring that the content is accessible and engaging for young readers.
Positive Representation:
Through diverse characters and situations, the book showcases a range of gender expressions and identities, promoting inclusivity and empathy.
Conversation Starters: 
Each page includes prompts to encourage dialogue between parents and children, facilitating deeper understanding and connection.
Empathy and Understanding:
By emphasizing the importance of kindness and acceptance, the book helps children develop empathy and respect for others.
Media Literacy:
The book encourages critical thinking about media messages and promotes positive self-image in children.
As opposed to using lecturing, this book facilitates the practice of listening. This communication is built into the narrative and allows the child to voice their ideas about these important topics. The typefaces and colors signal what is for the parent and what is for the child. The final page is a mirror for the readers to see themselves paired with the word “perfect.”​​​​​​​ Tandem growth of guardian and child is possible through the shared exploration and answering of the provided prompts. Guiding conversations through the many versions of boyhood creates a safe emotional space for introspection in the early developmental years. Educating on healthy gender expression (respectable human behavior) will hopefully break of the cycle of patriarchal exploitations of marginalized groups.
Empowering Conversations:
The book empowers parents to have meaningful conversations with their children about complex topics, fostering a sense of understanding and acceptance.
Positive Role Modeling:
By presenting positive role models and messages, the book helps children develop healthy attitudes towards gender and self-expression.
Emotional Well-Being:
Through its focus on self-love and acceptance, the book promotes emotional well-being in children, helping them navigate societal pressures and build resilience.
Social Change:
By challenging harmful gender stereotypes, the book contributes to broader social change, promoting inclusivity and empathy in society.
Illustrations curated from
Veronica Iezzi on Blush.Design

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