Brewm is a tea brand I created that focuses on the magical correspondences of its ingredients. Inspired by apothecaries, I designed this logo and packaging to resemble bottled tonics and the iconic apothecary drawers. When stacked, the bagged tea boxes act as a faux chest of drawers. This allows the user to easily select the perfect brew for casting their intentions. 
Product Packaging 
This loose leaf tea packaging is all about seeing what your putting in your cup. The glass jar of herbs is visible and the box has the magical correspondences listed on the side. 

Brewm is designed for tea drinkers who want a little natural magic in every sip, and this magazine ad portrays just that.
Brewm was created to make magic user friendly and accessible to all. Following suit, this app is easy to navigate between products, blends and magical promotions.

Brewm has a full identity system with interchanging icons and patterns depending on the blend of tea. These interchangeable assets represent the personality and diversity of the ingredients and flavors. 

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